Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

Experience luxurious driving culture at the highest level: Unique combination of perfection and exclusivity in the new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. 

The ultra-exclusive S-Class
Perfectly structured elegance

The essence of luxury: The new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class sets standards. Its luxurious spaciousness, exquisite materials and representative exterior make it what it is: The essence of luxury. 

Unmistakeably exclusive: Chrome inserts and double trim strips in the front and rear areas give the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class stylish superiority. Sealed with the noble Maybach logo on the C-pillar.

Comfort in the rear
Exquisite equipment

Completely relaxed: Luxurious executive seats with leg rests and backrest adjustment allow passengers in the rear to relax while travelling. It is quieter inside than in any other production saloon, providing undisturbed quiet and concentration.

Unique ambience: The Maybach coat of arms imprinted on the centre armrests and champagne glasses (optional) provide the perfect atmosphere for combining successful working with the pleasanter things in life.

designo leather seats

The finest of upholstery. Travelling in luxury: Seats made from exclusive semi-aniline soft designo leather with the elegant diamond design and expensively machined Budapest piping create a stylish atmosphere (optional).

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